Monday, April 2, 2007

Julien Fired!

1) OK, if this were any other team we would assume this was a panic move. With the move being made by one of the most respected hockey execs in the game, Lou Lamarello we have to assume there is a real reason behind this bold/unexpected move.
2) Lou has of course done this before. Firing a coach, Robbie Ftorek and replacing him with Larry Robinson before the playoffs and going on to win a Cup. For a team with so much success the past 12-15 years they seem to have quite the turn over in coaches. Perhaps this IS a panic move by Lou. perhaps he didn't like the trend the team was taking the past month. Figuring that he can't change his roster at this late date, but can change the man behind the bench.
3) We figure that, like the last time Lamarello took over as coach, John McClean will be the de-facto coach of the team with Lou being the "Figure head" (literally) standing behind the players. McClean will be making the on ice moves with Lou of course getting the final word. If things go as before, Lou will largely remain silent during games, with occasional input between periods.
4) If the Devils fail to go far into the playoffs this move will be second guessed. However, Lou has bought more than his share of goodwill with his vast resume of great decisions, so he has nothing to worry about as far as job security is concerned. We at FAUXRUMORS were surprised when Julien was hired in the first place. We felt McLean had earned the spot and would be elevated after last season. If NJ succeeds this time around its JM's job to lose. Then again Lou is NEVER predictable.


jmol2112 said...

So what are your sources telling you about this one faux? Not tryig to be sarcastic or anything, but it would be interesting to know.
You guys seemd to know exactly what the Devils were going to do last fall so I think someone there is talking. Whats the scoop?


1) Thanks for the kind words Jmol. We didn't take your question as sarcastic. You've been a frequent contributor/supporter of this blog almost from the outset.
2) As to your query we have left some messages from our most credible source but are waiting to hear back. You can be sure we will post what we hear as soon as we do!


1) For our NYC area readers we hear that Lou will be on the local sports radio station WFAN. Will be intersting to hear his take on things.
2) We are still awaiting a response from our NJ insider

B_Washington said...

You can't argue with Lou's success, but I have always been of the opinion that GM's are too quick to fire coaches. I think it's silly that coaches average lifespan seems to be 3 years.

It's not like coaches forget how to coach over those years, and it seems like firing a coach is just a GM's way to say "It's his fault not mine"


1) With just about any other GM we'd agree. Lou has earned the benefit of the doubt EXCEPT he deserves blame for apparently hiring the wrong guy in the first place
2) We should be hearing from our source very shortly as to why. this should be good! LOL

Antzmarching said...

CLODE shouldn't have been hired in the first place - all 75 Devils fans knew that... John MacLean has been and will be coaching this squad into the playoffs...

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