Thursday, April 5, 2007

Keep it Here!

1) Just a quickie note to remind our loyal readers to keep it here next week for our final installment of Power Rankings as well as FAUXRUMOR'S playoff predictions.
2) Things are still very much in flux as far as positioning is concerned in the West, and who will get in in the East is still up in the air. By Sunday evening, when the dust has cleared, we will publish our Power rankings. We're told that FAUXRUMORS AND Antzmarching BOTH will publish their respective playoff outlooks/predictions early next week once the match ups are set.
3) Perhaps we will also take a look back at our Preseason predictions and see where we were dead on, and where we were dead wrong! Always fun to do!
As always, keep it here for the latest!


Antzmarching said...

Yes Faux, thanks for the reminder... I have been busy at the office lately, but nevertheless, you can count on my playoff picks... The matchups, as always, will dictate my eventual winners... I may have a surprise or two up my sleeve - unlike in the NCAA Tourney where I chose Florida... They did my brackets quite well, though... See you soon...

Antzmarching said...

Hey Faux, I recently heard that Backstrom IS coming to D.C. next year... Any news on his specific plans? I also came across a website where some of the respondants hinted that Alexei "the Albatross" Yashin was rumored to be coming to the Craps, as well... Firstly, I wouldn't want his "kind" here anyway, but have you heard anything regarding this?


1) Yes, match ups are VERY important in determining who may advance or who may be upset early
2) Backstrom is having some issues with the Caps GM. His parents and George McPhee had a bit of a tiff last summer after Nick decided to stay in Sweden.
3) He will probably eventually come over, but make GMGM swing in the breeze as long as possible first.

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