Thursday, April 26, 2007

No Brainer?

1) The story goes like this: Apparently when the Predators negotiated their current lease with the City of Nashville they included a clause if they didn't attract a certain number of fans over the season (14,000) the team could choose to force the city to buy the tickets to make up the difference. The city can decline, but that would allow the Predators to break/buy-out their lease and move elsewhere if they chose. Quoting: If average paid attendance is below 14,000 next season, the Predators could ask Nashville to buy enough tickets to boost the team to that level. If Nashville chose not to buy the tickets, the Predators could pay the city an exit fee of about $18 million and leave Nashville.
2) The question that needs to be asked is: WHY wouldn't the Predators NOT ask for that?? Its a No-Brainer! They win either way. If Nashville decides to buy the tickets, the team gets additional revenue. If they decline The Preditors can start the relocation process in earnest and you can bet your bippy that KC will again step up to say "We want you", like they did for the Penguins. If we were a Nashville resident we'd be pissed that this clause was placed in the lease. It also shows how weak of an NHL city Nashville must be. Despite their playoff problems, the have been one of the best regular season teams in the NHL. If they can't draw well now, when?
3) Perhaps a move would be a good idea, but NOT to KC!! We believe that the sensible thing would be to move the team to Canada. Canada's franchises already generate more revenue/team than any U.S based counter part. They would be one less team that would need 'revenue sharing' to stay afloat. Any team moving there would sell out ALL their games and increase the over league revenue significantly. Another, No-Brainer!


Antzmarching said...

HAMILTON, Ontario!!! Ontario CAN support three NHL teams...


1) We are on record as advocating just that. We don't think there would be any problem filling a building in southern Ontario
2) Another NHL team in a southern city that already rejected hockey(KC) would be ludicrous!

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