Wednesday, April 4, 2007

How The Mighty Have Fallen!

1) With only 2 games remaining it appears that the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes are out of the playoffs! We thought up until last night that they would find a way to eke out at least an 8th placement. Going as far as believing they were resurging a few weeks ago: Believing that a true champion always finds a way to win. We apparently were wrong. Laviolette's squad lost too many of the pieces that got them to the promised land last year and perhaps the remaining players suffered through the dreaded 'playoff hangover'.
2) With their elimination they join a very select group of teams that fail to gain access to the Cup playoffs following a championship season. The most recent the the 1995-96 N.J. Devils. What makes this time around even more unique is the fact that NEITHER conference champion qualified for the post season. Edmonton imploded at the trade deadline and has won once since, making our infamous list a few days ago:
3) Will this be an isolated occurrence or will this be the new trend in Gary Bettman's new 'capped NHL? With extremely liberal free agency coupled with a hard salary cap player turn over is at a pace never before seen. Competitive teams can be assembled MUCH faster than ever before. However the flip side is that they can be dismantled as fast as ever as well(See the 1997/2003 Florida Marlins)
4) The next question that needs to be addressed is this good for the league? In some ways it makes fans of the poorer teams more hopeful for a quicker turn around. However we at FAUXRUMORS believe that having dynasties is a good thing for the league. At the very least its NOT good to have teams disassembled to such degrees each year. Eliminating much in the way of continuity for the fans. What do you think?


Silas said...

I was thinking the same thing! I can't recall a time when both teams that went to the finals didn't at least make it to the playoffs!
I don't care about dynasties, but don't like turnover either

Jintzie said...

Theresa and I are glad to be back on board with ya faux! We didn't write too much in the past but we're raring to go now!
We both know its still very early but any word if you and the rest of your crew will be doing another NHL cities tour? We may even join you folks for a stop or two along the way when your in our neigborhood again!

B_Washington said...

Turnover and parity is a tricky thing. You definitely don't want the same teams in all the time, but I don't think you want 16 new playoff teams every season either (which is statistically impossible, but you get the drift).

I think you can have parity without mediocrity... I have some ideas on how to acheive this too, but i'll go over it at a later date


1) Hey Jintzie! Great to have ya back on board. Yes, we probably will do another tour next season but it will probaby be a bit less ambitious than this past years. We'll let everyone know next fall.
2) HMMMM 'parity without mediocrity'. We'd be very interested in your ideas on how to achieve this.

Antzmarching said...

So good to see Jintzie back... Welcome, Buddy... With regard to the Oilers, they not only missed the playoffs, but have emerged as one of the league's WORST teams - its time for Low and Co. to get lost...

B_Washington said...

faux- 2 words. Western conference

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