Thursday, April 19, 2007

First Week Over View

1) With one week of the Stanley Cup playoffs in the books we will go through what we feel are the early surprises/disappointments as well as summarize each series as we see it.

  • OTTAWA vs PITTSBURGH- No huge surprise here. Pitt is talented, but is far too young to compete yet at this level. Additionally Fleury is NOT yet a #1 goalie(If he ever will be) and shouldn't have been thrust into this position prematurely. Original prediction was Sens in 6. We will stay with that.

  • BUFFALO vs NY ISLANDERS- With the unexpected return of DiPietro the Isles are at least keeping the games competitive. They are still way out matched. Kudos to Nolan for not allowing this team to quit! Our original prediction was Sabres in 4. 5 is likely.

  • NEW JERSEY vs TAMPA BAY- Thus far is going as planned/predicted. We saw this as a tougher series than many expected. However the Devils would prevail. Original prediction Devils in 6. This one could go 7, but we stay with the Devils as the eventual winners

  • ATLANTA vs RANGERS- We knew the rangers would win BUT we didn't see them as being the team in the East with a first round bye. The Thrasher organization should feel very embarrassed with their no show performance. Waddell/Hartley should be gone. Original prediction Rangers in 5. We didn't anticipate their total choke job!

  • NASHVILLE vs SAN JOSE- This is probably the only series we misjudged. Nashville has AGAIN under performed and NOT playing hard/well. Trotz is a goner for sure. Being 4-11 in the playoffs is NOT good, despite his stellar regular season record. Forsberg should retire. Original prediction Preds in 6. If the Preds can stretch this series to 6 games it'll be surprising. SJ is looking like they have their number and will advance.

  • DETROIT vs CALGARY- This one is going along as planned. Calgary needs to win tonight to have any chance. They may, but we still believe that the Wings overall depth/experience will prevail. Original prediction: Wings in 6. We'll stick with that.

  • VANCOUVER vs DALLAS- As predicted here, has been a tough hard fought, close series. By virtue of winning both OT games the Canucks have a stranglehold on the series. Unlikely the Stars can come back, but it won't be easy to put them away. Original prediction 'Nucks in 7. Could happen, but will probably end sooner.

  • ANAHEIM vs MINNESOTA- We believed that the Ducks would win relatively easily against the Wild. We stick to that idea despite the Ducks set back in game 4. We see this series as over. Original prediction: Ducks in 5. We will stay with that.

2) The playoffs is what separates the greats from the floaters. It makes or breaks player and coaches careers. As alluded to, we may see several coaches lose their jobs over poor performances.(Hartley/Trotz) Some players also make a name for themselves. Both positively(Thornton) and negatively(Hossa). We look forward to the next few weeks as the competition gets even more intense and the true stars come out! As always, keep it here!!


Trotz19 said...

I don't know about any of the other series but i can tell you from forst hand knowledge that the NY islanders got screwed, AGAIN, last night!
I can't remember when we got the benefit of the doubt in a close call or ever won a video review. After last night the NHL should be ashamed of themselves


1) We can't disagree with you Trotts. The NHL seeemd to be a bit hypocritical when it comes to reviews these days.
2) Game 3 had a call over turned despite the evidence not being conclusive, and last night it was clear cut in our opinion that the puck slid in LONG before a whistle, yet the judges in Nassau/Toronto failed to over turn the bad on ice call.
3) The Isles have reason to be peeved. If they dwell on it though they will be done quickly tomorrow night!

Antzmarching said...

Does Buffalo realize that once they dispose of the Islanders, they will no longer be getting the benefit of EVERY call? The Rangers lead the league in positive outcomes... In fact, last night Matt Cullen was so sure the disputed goal had not gone in, he was shocked it was even sent upstairs... There's ONE absolute in the NHL these days... That is, whenever there is a review in a Ranger game, you can rest assured that the call will be in their favor...

Stacy Schnall said...

Oh my god we got screwed is right trots. i was like telling my best friend lisa that we never get no help from them refs. its pathetec sometimes wachin them.
so faux and you guys out there what ya geti me for my birthday, huh? its tomorra and expect sum good stuff! hehehehehehe

B_Washington said...

I have to completely disagree with you on Forsberg. I thought he has been very good for Nashville-SJ series. In my opinion he has shown the power and presence he had in his prime in CO.

Kariya is the one who has looked old and slow.


1) We may have been a bit harsh on Peter, but he was brought in specifically to change the fortunes of the Preds in the playoffs. Thus far despite his 3 points in 4 games(hardly impressive) the Preds are on the precipice of an early exit
2) Very true that others, including the mentioned Kariya, deserve their share of the blame as well. Can't expect to win every year, but after 2 impressive regular season campaigns, the Preds have ZERO to show in the playoffs, even with the addition of the most prized playoff rental, Peter Forsberg.

Antzmarching said...

B-Dub says: "Kariya is the one who has looked old and slow."

This is the MOST insightful comment I have heard in quite a while... Kariya looked AWFUL in this series...

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