Thursday, February 1, 2007

Ovie Needs Help

As a more-than-casual fan of the Washington Capitals, it has perturbed me for quite some time that GM George McPhee has been unable to secure a frontline center to play with standout winger, Alexander Ovechkin. In fact, George has had nearly two and a half years from the moment Ovi was selected in the draft to get this job accomplished. How could this NOT be his primary focus and top priority? Following last season, Yanic Perrault (for a miniscule salary) and Marc Savard (for a tad bit more) were available. Ovi presently plays with a sub-par, out of position center in Dainus Zubrus, and still manages to produce phenomenal numbers and awesome feats. One can only imagine how amazing Alex would be with a legitimate NHL playmaker. 65-70 goals is not even a stretch. I suppose Georgie has more important things to do, for instance, signing a bad backup goalie to a 2 year contract extension and consistently recalling players from Hershey in the calibur of Jakub Klepis. While I realize many of you could not care less about the Nation's Caps, Ovechkin is the future of this sport, and his steady progression is paramount to the league's success.

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