Monday, February 5, 2007

Six Month Sign Post

1) We didn't realize it until one of our readers, Leo Mathews of Lake Bonavista in Alberta wrote us an e-mail yesterday afternoon congratulating us on our first 6 months in existence. We hadn't planned on commemorating this feat as we only recently celebrated our 200th post last month. However, as we also received other notes from some of the folks we visited this past fall, we decided to write a brief post this early (COLD) Monday morning to say Thank You to everyone who wrote in yesterday, but to all who have contributed to our success

2) Amazing to think in such a short time we have written 225 individual postings. That amounts to 1.2 posts every day! WOW, we didn't think we were being so prodigious, but having a group of individuals with like minded goals certainly makes this much easier. Thanks again! We look forward to the next 6 months with equal excitement as we were with our first post August 4th 2006.

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