Friday, February 9, 2007

Two Minor Deals Today

1) Just a prelude to bigger deals to come or will this be the trend of teams trading salary for like salary. Dumping unwanted trash. So far that's what can be said of the 2 deals so far today. The Hurricane re-obtained underachieving Czech forward Josef Vasacek from Nashville for center Eric Belanger. The 6'5" Vasicek has been a disapointment in his first go around with the 'canes. Frequently in coach Laviolette's dog house. Its surprising they decided to get him back. We guess it was a case of 'better the devil you know....'.

2) The other minor deal today involved the Minnesota Wild dealing their seldomly used forward Pascal Dupuis to the Rangers in exchange for Adam Hall. We have a feeling this isn't the deal Ranger fans were expecting. They will be disappointed in this acquisition as Pascal is NOT the answer to their most pressing issues, better defense, a second line center!

3) A note that none of the rumor mongers had this one on their radars (when do they have any?) We're sure they'll take this opportunity to let us know that these are the prelude to some real deals, or that these are setting the tables in NY for their big deal, etc. As always come here to FAUXRUMORS for all the latest rumors, commentary, etc. Unfiltered, and not afraid of the truth.

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