Monday, February 5, 2007

Rumors or Media Wish

1) The recent Islander Blake rumor brought to light what we have been discussing with the other members of FAUXRUMORS for some time now; the 'art' of creating rumors where none truly exist. For years the Canadian media were the biggest culprits. Add to that list some of the bigger U.S. markets and you have potential for quite a few 'rumors'.

2) With all this chatter/nonsense, the rumors that may have some basis in fact are more than drowned out by the bull shit. A good one recently was a multi-media driven rumor in 2 cities simultaneously. On the surface it sounded plausible, but do even a little digging and you can see this rumor is pure 'Barbara Streisand'. That rumor of course is the Adrian Aucoin to Montreal for Sergei Samsonov

3) If this were 3 years ago you would have a story there. However with the salary cap, with both players not playing particularly well, with both having additional years with hefty salaries remaining, it makes both pretty untradeable. Do the Habs need another slow injury prone defensemen? Do the Black Hawks need another under achieving forward? Aucoin has 2 more years at 4 mil/yr left. Samsonov has another year at 3.5 mil. Both are awful deals. Both teams would love to unload that contract, BUT no way is either team going to turn around and re burden themselves with another's 'trash'.

4) Apparently those obvious flaws in this potential deal weren't enough to prevent writers in Chicago and Montreal from picking up this pile of tripe and regurgitating it. As we have mentioned more than a few times; There is definitely a market from fans hunger for 'inside information' about possible deals. Nothing is more exciting away from the rink to hockey fans than to contemplate trades, and the media(print, electronic, on-line) is very happy to feed this hunger, even if they have to fabricate the fodder they are peddling.

5) As one of the few outlets that has ZERO financial stake in what we write we at FAUXRUMORS ONLY write actual information that is received from some of the most respected sources throughout the NHL. As such our track record is impeccable, and one we are very proud of. As always keep it here for all the latest as we hear it. Nothing ever created, just the facts ma'am.

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