Monday, February 12, 2007

Blake Followup

1) Just wanted to follow up what we mentioned in our post: where we discussed the Jason Blake contract issue. Apparently the problems we alluded to have become public which is NOT a good sign. Islanders owner Charles Wang is very sensitive to criticism vollied his way and despite Blakes statement that he like Mr. Wang. his public statement that he will pursue free agency if a deal isn't struck soon did NOT endear him to the Islander's owner

2) Apparently Blake is holding firm to a 5 year deal at about 4 million/year. The Islanders would probably be OK with that or perhaps slightly less money, but are unwilling to go beyond 3 years. Our Islander source tells us, "Blake is 33 and probably peeking now." Wang perhaps learned from his Satan deal where he gave the free agent forward one too many years and is now in decline

3) Are the Islanders finally learning? After a decade contract for Yashin, and the amazing 15 year deal for goalie Di Pietro, are the Islanders finally seeing the error in their ways. Well yes and no our source tells us. The source is certain that if given the chance Wang would offer Yashin/Ricky the same deals again. He's just less likely to offer lesser stars long term deals

4) So what will happen? Our source tells us that 10 days ago it was "80:20" that Blake would be resigned. ( The same source told us it was 90% in January) Now its closer to 50:50, and as each day goes by the percentage goes down. Our sense is if Blake isn't signed by ext weekend, Snow will open up the bidding.

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