Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Fine Mess

1) We at FAUXRUMORS found it quite interesting to read that apparently Mark Messier is going to hire himself as Glen Sather's replacement as GM of the N.Y. Rangers. In fact when interviewed Sather himself found it both interesting and amusing. Stating among other things:"Mark is free to say what he wants, but I have no plans to change jobs". He then threw a back handed jab at mark when he alluded to the need to have experience before taking on such a position. Messier to date has no hockey managerial experience, nor any business training at all that we are aware of

2) We're told the Messier comment took the entire Ranger organization totally off guard. It would be a strange way to try to lobby for a position that ostensibly isn't available. Going through the media would seem the wrong way to go about things. One Rangers source tells FAUXRUMORS that "If Mark thinks all he has to do is ask and the job is his, he's going to be sadly mistaken". If anything this public statement will hurt Messier's chances.

3) Those who know the former Edmonton/NY/ Canuck forward know he has quite the ego, and its likely as one former teammate said to us yesterday that "Mark really thinks he can do whatever he wants, and so far in his life, has".

4) The puzzling aspect of this story is that the initial report in the Toronto Sun had quotes from Sather that indicated that he and Messier had already discussed this possibility, and that they would discuss it further after Mark's sweater ceremony in Edmonton later this month. However later interviews with Sather seem to contradict that earlier story. From what we have gleamed from our sources it appears that Messier has jumped the gun more than a little.

5) We won't deny Messier's significant on ice accomplishments, but since his last Cup win in 1994 his persona has taken a bit of a hit. Ask any Canucks fan what they think of Messier. We remember the number of negative e-mails we received after the NHL created a new leadership award after the bald former star. Even many Ranger fans are a bit sick and tired of his omni presence in the city that never sleeps. One told us last month. " Enough of Messier already. Its time to go away! We're sick of seeing him". If that quote is any indication Messier may be in for a rude awakening if he believes New York is waiting to roll out the red carpet for him to return as the teams new GM. Looks like Mark has placed himself into a fine Mess. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. ; )

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