Friday, August 11, 2006

Russian mob implicated with Malkin?

No, the big Russian star isn't part of the Russian version of Cosa Nostre, but his seeming 180 on deciding to stay in Russia this year is a direct response to the folks with crooked noses and Cossack hats.
Apparently the mob there is heavily invested in the local hockey league. Malkin being the biggest star out side of the NHL, and technically under contract there, is their biggest draw.If he were to opt out of his contract it was feared that it would cause an avalanche of similar situations of players simply leaving and the teams getting no compensation for the loss.
Our sources tell us that Malkin's agent was informed that Malkin could leave Russia and play in the NHL this year, but they couldn't be held responsible for the 'safety' if his family who remained in Russia. A thinly veiled threat of violence against his extended family if he chose to spurn his Russian team for the Penguins.Malkin simply had no choice these sources tell FAUXRUMORS
However, we here also remain stead fast in our original positioned malkins decision is more to get dealt away from the Penguins and the shadow of Crosby

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