Monday, August 7, 2006

Malkin Not Coming?

Our inside sources in Moscow have told me that Evgeny Malkin will NOT be coming to North America to play for the penguins this fall. This despite what we were told last week. Our sources who know Malkin personally have told us its not the transfer agreement, or any problems with money.Malkin does not want to play with the Pens because he wants to be " The Star", and on Pittsburgh, as long as a certain # 87 is there, all others will be second best.malkin has always the star of his teams, and would rather force a trade than to be the Pens second line center behind El-Sid.He chose today to make this public as its Crosby's birthday, to further throw it into the Pens faces.I'm hearing his new agent is trying to force the Pens into trading his rights to another Eastern conference team. Preferably the Rangers as Malkin's idol growing up was Jaromir Jagr, but he would probably be happy to play anywhere but Pittsburgh or D.C. where Ovechkin is the top banana.
Stay tuned as this develops

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