Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pens-Canes Swap?

Pens-Canes swap?
The latest nonsense from rumor-whore, Eklund has the Penquins and Hurricane discussing the trade of 2005 Cane's 1st rounder Jack Johnson for 2006 1st rounder Jordan Staal.
There are so many reasons to dismiss this silly rumor. Chief among these is the fact that the Penquins are currently in negotiations to be sold.
Therefore don't expect any big personnel moves until that is finalized. Secondly, and as important, if this was going to take place it would have happened in June at the draft, NOT in September right before/at the time of training camp!!Does the swap make sense speaking soley upon how it would help each team? Sure, but much more needs to be taken into account other than that. Certainly more would seem to warrant making up another unfounded rumor.
We here at FAUXRUMRS have made inquiries to see if what the rumor-whore said had any validity. We were told that only preliminary discussions took place BEFORE THE DRAFT!! This has NOT been discussed since.Might it come to fruition at some point? Sure, anything is possible.
The Hurricanes are deep at defense right now, but I'd say they'd prefer to move Teverdovsky if that are in the market to trade away a rear guard at all. This in fact just yet another in a long series of unfounded rumors perpetuated by Eklund to try to feed his hungry followers raw meat, where none exist.As always, keep it here at FAUXRUMORS for he latest in actual faux rumors

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