Monday, August 14, 2006

No News on Malkin

We at fauxrumors have tried to reconnect with our friend Semion Mogilevich, the reputed Russian God Father, to ask him what he knows about the where abouts of Malkin. Thus far our calls are going unanswered.
We are quite concerned about his well being. When we spoke with Mr. Mogilevich it was before the disappearance, but he alluded to that as being a possibility. Its all conjecture at this point, but the possibilities exist that Malkin may have fled from the team to escape from the grasp of the mob, and needed to sign that contract last week in an effort to throw them off until he could safely get his family out of the country.
Still another well placed source maintains that this is all a smoke screen to get his rights traded away from Pittsburgh, as malkin doesn't want to play in Crosby's shadow.

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