Thursday, August 24, 2006

Carter and race card?

Reports that have yet to surface in the mainstream media tell FAUXRUMORS that Anson Carter and his agent are getting the impression that part of the reason that his client seems to not be getting the respect/offers he deserves is his race.Our people close to the 32 year old Toronto native tell FAUXRUMORS that Anson is getting fed up with the lack of quality offers. He assumed that after putting up good numbers this past season for Vancouver that the offers would flood in come July 1. Even his old team the Canucks barely offered a modest raise from last season's salary. Opting instead to give the 'ultra whitey' Sedin twins lucrative long term deals.If one were to look at Carter's career it appears that despite putting up decent numbers he will soon be on his 8th team in 10 years. Now this may be only be a smoke screen by the Carter people to place more pressure on interested clubs, but it does seem to have merit based upon his frequent movement. Can the same be said for fellow African Kevin Weekes, who also has moved as much as Carter in his career. ( Though the ladder has other issues discussed in another blog)Its not known if these allegations will eventually go public, possibly embarrassing Gary Bettman and the NHL. Thus far the NHL has avoided such racial issues, with the possible exception of the banishing of native Canadian coach Ted Nolan.We here at FAUXRUMORS will continue to bring the latest of this story as it develops.

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