Friday, August 11, 2006

My Conversation With Russian 'God Father'

As many of the regulars to this blog already have heard I had a conference call this afternoon with reputed Russian mob boss, Semion Mogilevich. Amazingly he was on time for our discussion. I'm not a fluid Russian speaker. I can say a few phrases, and read/write a bit, but not enough to do the interview without the assistance of an interpreter. I must say she was hot! The lovely Alla Lebedev did the translating for me. Imagine Anna Kourakova with a brain, and you can picture Alla!
Anyway I won't bore you, my loyal readers with too many details. I went right to the most important subject that we're all interested in; the fate of Evegny Malkin. Of course Mr. Mogilevich denied involvement in any illegal activities. I didn't try to push that issue since its mute. I did ask him to describe what factors 'may' have led Malkin to decide to stay in Russia after staing all along he was going to leave. He was evasive, but eventually stated in an off hand way that malkin owed the owner of his team.
Not money in the direct sense, but he owed hi for getting the opportunity to become the player he has become. He explained that in Russia, unlike North America, its not easy to get equipotent, icetime and coaching. In return for the above a player basically signs away his child hood and early adulthood to the team owners, who are usually rich oil tycoons, government big wigs, Russian Mafia, or all 3.
He states if Malkin were to have left early without permission, and no compensation from Pittsburgh, in the best case scenario his extended family would likely lose their jobs, and in the worst case, succumb to 'accidents' or illness. Therefore without a transfer agreement with the NHL, he really didn't have a choice.There's more, but I don't want to write a book here. If any of you have a question, feel free.
As always stay tuned as I will keep you apprised of this developing situation.

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