Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brad To Canes

The Isbister to Carolina signing came as no big surprise to most. We heard about the Hurricane's interest at about the same time as the Tanabe rumor appeared, but since we felt it wasn't newsworthy decided it didn't merit mention.How Brad can still get people to offer him a one way contract is beyond us. He has/had a world of talent, but has never put it together, or had an injury free season.The 'next Keith Tkachuk', never quite lived up to the billing. We here at FAUXRUMORS wish Brad the best in his latest try to resurrect his career. He's a good guy, but in our opinion is a major underachiever.No other news on the free agent front. Our source on LI tells us the DiPietro negotiations are progressing. Wang himself is directly involved. We're told there is no acrimony at all. All that needs to be agreed upon is how many years does Ricky want to commit to. The Islanders are apparently prepared to give him 'top money'.

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