Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Eklund Trash!

More nonsense from the 'rumor-whore', Eklund. Today he's trying to sell his paying customers that the Canadiens are going to soon make a deal. Ofcourse he hedges his bets by not being commital to who/where. One of his paying customers below got a bit annoyed:Ek, you've been saying for weeks now that the habs were about to make a trade or something... You also stated all along the Dumont saga that the habs were the most likely to get him. By the way, you never mentionned Nashville as a possibility...So, none of that happened. Am I really supposed to believe that "Montreal isn't done with its roster" after so many unfulfilled rumours?Amazing that anyone would take what he writes as anything but educated guesses/regurgitating written rumor/out and out lies. Whats worse, people are paying for the privelege to read this tripe! We here at FAUXRUMORS will continue to comment on the 'rumor whore' to let as many who will listen see what he really is!

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