Friday, October 5, 2012

Damien Cox- Douche Bag- Does It Again!

1) Our 'buddy' Damien Cox has done it again.  He has posted yet another ridiculous article/posting at  Here it is for your reading (dis)pleasure.  Firstly, to review our previous Damien Cox posts over the years: written almost 5 years ago and  then last year  So as you can see, we have little regard for the megalomaniac writer.

2) This time he takes his anti players/pro owners bias to new heights.  He actually laments (cries) that the players aren't likely to 'mutiny' this time around. He's afraid that they won't implode and give in like they did 7 years ago.  He thinks this is the fault of Donald Fehr, who apparently is some kind of Svengali type character who has hypnotized the players from doing what is best for them. Its apparently all about getting his brother Steve the job as director of the NHLPA when this is all done.  Huh?  Cox does a brief history of the NHLPA since 2004, totally glossing over the corruption and NHL owners/Bettman tampering in the hiring of Bob Goodenow's replacement, Ted Saskin. 

3) Hysterically, he uses the players going to Europe, "Fleeing" as an example that the players aren't unified, but apparently disinterested?  Seems odd, but that's what Cox apparently wants the reader to take away from that observation.  He also kinda contradicts himself when he goes on to say that  laments that so many of the players were involved that over the course of the summer that it was " frustrating to the league since very few had a solid grasp of the issues because they were in and out so often".  However no word on how many of the NHL owners have been "in and out" of the various negotiations?  Since there is a roughly 20:1 ratio of players to owners it shouldn't be difficult to have a bunch of them to show up, no?  Why also is it a bad thing that the players won't have an uprising/go behind Fehr's back, but its OK  that the owners are totally fine with going along with Gary Bettman? Damien you continue to demonstrate why you are a douche!  (BTW: We are hearing that all is NOT all hunky-dory with the owners-More on that upcoming next week!)
The only thing that we do agree with Cox on, is that this won't end soon.

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