Thursday, August 18, 2011

Damian Cox Continues To Be A Douche!

1) For the uninitiated with Canadian hockey writers, Damian Cox (his last name is quite appropriate, but we digress) is a writer for Toronto Star. He seems to enjoy creating controversy. We wrote about him nearly 4 years ago for a similar reason; His rant was even over the top for him. why-damien-cox-is-douche-bag He was, and is one of the more prominent anti players union/pro owners writers out there. Along with his frequent stories on how the players are over paid, etc he also is one of the more vocal anti fighting vocalists out there. Additionally, he isn't shy in his anti-American rhetoric/innuendo.

2) So we shouldn't have been too shocked to read his latest piece of tripe published yesterday. Here it is if you can stomach it: hard-feelings-harsh-words-during-nhl-off-season In it he alludes to the lofty aspiration (progressive he calls it-not surprising!) of the NHL in trying to tinker with the game's rules (more on that in another post) and compares those positive developments with what he calls a 'dark mood' over the league. He uses several dubious examples to make his point. We'll go through each and point out where Cox is being a douche/wrong.

  • Head Shots Not Being Discussed: No one is "rethinking fighting or head shots". Using Sydney Crosby as his reason why "head shot debate should be "in full roar". OK Damian are you a complete buffoon or what? Crosby was NOT injured in the classic illegal hit that we have grown to see so often, but was the unfortunate recipient of an accidental contact with a much bigger player. Basically in the wrong place at the wrong time. No penalty or suspension was given (or deserved). Come on, if you want to use an example of head shots use Marc Savard who was savaged by a predator in Matt Cooke!

  • Islander Viewing Party: Apparently Cox doesn't like that the Isles are having/advertising a viewing party of the game last February when they beat up (literally) the Pens 9-3 and both teams had tons of PIM's. For those who haven't seen it and don't mind fighting, its a must see. However Cox takes exception. calling the isles a "rouge franchise" and bemoaning that Mario Lemieux almost left hockey because of that game. OK, facts first. The Isles do NOT control what games MSG shows AND this is NOT the first/only isles viewing party this summer. There have been several. Mostly small events of under a 100 people who are die-hards. Of course with the cabal of attention this will probably get 500 folks to turn out. Oh and all proceeds go to charity. Those damned 'rouges' giving money away! Oh and did Cox forget that Lemieux employs one of the most vicious/dirty players in all the NHL in the aforementioned Matt Cooke. Had Lemieux released Cooke after his 4th suspension for illegal hits (he's deserved at least double that number!) we wouldn't have to use the word hypocrisy here. (Update- Apparently bowing to pressure MSG is not going to show the pens game afterall, but instead another 'vintage' 2010-11 game)

  • Carcillo Talks Smack: Apparently Cox doesn't like it when one of his Canadian franchises takes criticism from a player. This whole things falls under the category of , "Who cares!" Its not like Carcillo put a bounty on Maxim Lapierre, or Raffi Torres. Oh does Cox know Torres is now a Coyote? LOL Yes, Carcillo is a bit of a dick and plays with a decided edge, but this would hardly be noteworthy if there were other real news going on

  • Bradley Calls Out Caps: Well actually former Capital Matt Bradley only called out Alexander Semin for "Not caring". Anyone who has watched the Caps the past few years are hardly surprised by this revelation, only that it took so long for it to be confirmed publicly. It was hardly a 'dark and threatening' interview. Cox goes on to expect that owner Ted Leonsis will be "over-the-top as usual in defence of his hockey club". Can Cox give us examples where he has been 'Over the top', whatever that means. Leonsis is one of the more honest/accessible owners in the game. He isn't perfect for sure but not deserving of a pot shot from a douche bag like Cox!



1) Excellant Post FR2!! I see you and Damian havent made up yet LOL

2) I have a post coming up about the recent deaths of tough guys Boogard, etc and the attempt to tie this in with their fighting prowess

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

Hey FR. Thanks. I don't expect Cox and I will be exchanging X-mas cards this year. Hahahaha
I look forward to your next post! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Kramer said...

I read Cox's crap all the time up here in the Buffalo area. He's a pompous ass.

blaine said...

I like Cox. I think he's controversial only because he has the balls to say whats on his mind and stick to his guns!

The Sashas said...

Bradley is a punk for saying that! Who scored the game winning goal against the Rangers? My ass he doesn't care. Bradley just hates Russian players!

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Kramer: Can't argue with your assessment!
2) Blaine: I'm sure it was unintentional but re-read what you wrote. Its full of Double entendres LOL Thanks for reading!
3) Sasha(s): Never thought of Bradley in that way. He's a 4th line marginal NHL-er who has made the most of hs limited talents. Never has come across as a malcontent or someone looking to create waves. Sometimes its the truth that hurts most!

stevens8204 said...

Cox has always been intentinally provacative. I don't even think he believes half the stuff he writes. He does come off as a bit of a jerk I agree

DexTer said...

I didn't think anyone still read this guy. Out here we ignore what they write back in TO.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Steven: I agree tha Cox, like Stan Fischler are intentionally provacative to sell papers/get themselves noticed. I guess to that end I only helped the Cox. ; )
2) Dexter: Cox actually has a sizeable following.

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