Wednesday, October 24, 2012

End Around Attept Fails!

1) It was learned yesterday that the NHL attempted the ole 'end around' ploy with respect the the stalled labour negotiations. We have now found out that after the NHLPA and the NHL couldn't come to an agreement and talks broke off last week.  The NHL then published its proposal in an apparent attempt to "educate" the players. However the 'education attempt' didn't stop there. Evidently the league then lifted its gag order among owners and GM's with players.  Allowing them "a 48 hour window" with which to discuss the labour situation/the NHL proposal in detail. The NHL failed to let the NHLPA know of this. OOPS?  It is perfectly clear what "The Bettman" was trying to pull here. Namely go behind Donald Fehr's back like the NHL did with Bob Goodenow last time.  Unfortunately for Gary there is no Trevor (Benedict Arnold) Linden this time around. Instead Donald Fehr has this group united more than the association has ever been.

2) Its maneuvers such as these that will make a deal LESS likely as the players will be distrustful/wary of the owners/Bettman. Meanwhile we're told little has changed as the NHL watches the clock tick away. We're told its a good likelihood that come Thursday or Friday the NHL will announce a significant cancellation(possibly all of November) and give an ultimatum. To paraphrase; " If there isn't a deal in place and games ready to be played by December 1st, the season will be cancelled and all previous offers will be taken off the table other than the original one".  It will be Bettman's last card to play, and he's hoping it finally gets through to the players. A source within the union tells Fauxrumors that they are prepared for that card to e played and already have informed the rank and file of this probability.  Sorry folks. Keep an eye on the count down clock. Its looking more accurate by the day!

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