Monday, October 1, 2012

Cancellation To Be Announced!

1) A Faux exclusive (but hardly Earth Shattering news) is that the NHL is set to announce by the end of the week that it is cancelling games through October 31st, or the first 3 weeks of the 2012-2013 season. The announcement is largely not really shocking news given the current sate of the CBA negotiations. Since they are in stasis, and neither side wants to budge, the NHL is left with announcing the obvious.  

2) We're told that in their one to one meeting this weekend Gary Bettman informed his NHLPA counterpart Donald Fehr of the impending announcement.  Bettman probably thought it would push the Players Association along, and perhaps spur them on to giving in (further).  Fehr we're told received the news in his typical fashion; IE: he didn't give any response to the intended provocation. We're also told the players are currently being informed of this and are being instructed to NOT react angrily, but matter of factly.  So look to hear the players to say they are 'disapointed' but remain solidly behind their position of not wanting to accept the leagues demand of a retroactive roll back on existing contracts. 

3) Expect the same old song-and-dance-to-continue   that we talked about  last week. There will be 'communication' but little real movement for the next few months. Look for the first signs of negative emotion to be displayed by the owners(Bettman) side in the next few weeks when they see the players aren't going to immediately crack and the pressure will start to mount from the fans.  We maintain our stance that the season is all but lost and will continue to run the count down clock on the front of the blog.  We very much hope we are wrong on this one.
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