Friday, October 12, 2012

NHL Acknowleges Mole In Union?

1) Few probably picked up on the important bit of info dropped by NHL VP Bill Daly yesterday. When being interviewed after the latest go around with the NHLPA Daly let this little tid bit drop with regard to a future NHLPA proposal: "Daly said a "variety of sources" both privately and publicly tipped off the league that the union was working toward putting forth a new offer.....We understand you're working on a proposal. Make it to us," Daly said of the league's message to the union during Wednesday's negotiations. "Let's not stand on formalities. If you a have a proposal, make it.  So how would the NHL know this?

2) For those who don't follow this blog regularly, and how dare you not! :)  about 2 months ago we did a posting about how the NHL has inside information about the union via a mole(s). Players who are being paid/promised something in exchange for information.  Read all about it here---->  We never thought  we would have this kind of direct, albeit unintentional conformation that the owners/Bettman have a mole within the NHLPA ranks. However, as we discussed back then, Fehr already knows this and is taking that  into consideration. Not discussing details/strategy with players that he wouldn't want the league to know. 

3) As for what is in the anticipated 'new' players proposal, we're told NOT to expect anything Earth Shattering. As has been the case recently, it will be reshuffling of already disseminated proposals.  We are also hearing that if/when the NHLPA 'drops' their "new" proposal the NHL will be ready with their own. This all in keeping with both sides trying to not look like they are inflexible in anticipation of this whole fiasco hitting the courts at some point.  As one eloquent insider told us recently, " The negotiations are a circle jerk at this point".  Maybe so, but the only ones getting screwed over are the fans and part time workers who rely on the NHL for needed income.  Sorry folks, again we point to the clock on our blog. This is when w expect hockey to resume.

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