Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brooklyn Islanders?

1) Firstly, for those who aren't geographically inclined Brooklyn is actually the southwestern end point of the Island known as Long Island. Both Queens, and Brooklyn, NYC boroughs are part of Long Island.  However ask either a NY-er, or 'Long Islander' and you'll hear differently. 'Screw the geography, we're not part of LI!' So while some won't be pleased with the move or keeping the name the same, it is geographically accurate nonetheless. Its also interesting that we believe had the Isles moved to Queens that distinction would be less intense as Queens was once considered Long Island up until probably the middle of the last century when Queens lost its agricultural identity.

2) OK enough with the history/geography lesson. For the record we will maintain what have heard from multiple sources since this past spring- Specifically, contrary to the press release yesterday, the Isles will NOT wait for 2015 to play their first regular season game in Brooklyn, but it will take place in 2013, or next season.  Wang is done with Nassau county and is already paving the road to get out of the lease. How?  Declaring the building, The venerable OLD Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, to be dangerous, and unusable and worthy of being 'condemnded'.  Efforts to do this are already underway. Talk of asbestos, roof collapse danger, and inadequate exits in cases of emergency will all be used.  It will undoubtedly go to court, but in the mean time Wang will get the nod from Gary Bettman, and the team will start the 2013-2014 NHL season in their new home. Why else make the announcement yesterday?  If its truly 3 years away??

3)  So the next question; Can 3 teams make it who play geographically with in 20 miles from each other.  Probably not, but we believe the team that will ultimately be moved will be the Jersey denizens ( NOT imminently- but a post for another day) The Rangers should have minimal fear of this move eroding its fan base. They have a 75 + year advantage, and their fans are very loyal.  30 years after moving to New Jersey and winning several Cups the Devils still are considered the outsiders even in most of northern Jersey.  So the Islanders shouldn't be seen as anything more than a divisional rival and geographical rival second. It is also important to note that a BIG reason the Isles stayed local is their cable TV deal. It will continue unaffected by the move. Had they gone to let's say KC, they would lost that valuable steady income.

 4) It WILL help Wang and the Isles attract more/better UFA's. Not only will they be playing in a state of the art and not state of the ARC facility, they will also be part of NYC and all the 'glamour' that brings with an added sense of anonymity if the player desires it, not playing in Manhattan. In the end its only a loss for the moronic lawmakers in Nassau County who allowed the Islanders only professional sports franchise to be pilfered.  Wang wins and loses. He gets his team a better deal economically but fails to make the real estate killing he desired and bluntly is why he purchased the team back in 2000. One source told us not to be shocked to hear that Wang is putting the team up for sale once the move is finalized. "He's done with hockey."  We at Fauxrumors feel best for Islander fans. Yes, many will have a much longer commute to get to the arena, but for the first time in a decade or longer their team appears secure. Its not going anywhere, and it should now be able to compete economically and put a competitive product on the ice. For them, this day was LONG over due!  Yes, a team will Grow in Brooklyn!

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