Friday, June 1, 2012

Rangers to Court Semin?

1) That's the word we are hearing today from some of our NY sources. Apparently Glenn Sather believes that he has no chance of landing the #1 UFA forward in Zac Parise (more on him later), and would prefer to not to have to deal away any major roster pieces to land Rick Nash from Columbus. Our Ohio sources tell us that GM Scott Howson  has told 'Slats' that the bidding on Nash starts with Del Zotto and either Kreider/Dubinsky and (2) 1st rounders. 

2) An older wiser Sather knows that blowing up his team for the sake of one marquis player (usually) doesn't work.  Many around the organization feel they are a player or two away from winning it all. They feel all they need is one more consistent sniper.  They thought they had that in Marian Gaborik, but he failed to make much impact in the post season.  So Sather is now looking towards the UFA forward class to see if there is anyone who can help his team. The Rangers have about 15 million in Cap space to fill that need along with signing 4-5 other players (including RFA Del Zotto).  So the CBA issues not withstanding, there is some space to play with.  Additionally Sather and the Rangers have been told quietly by Parise representatives NOT to expect their client to listen to offers from NY. Not that Zac has anything against NY, but his list of destinations are either to stay in jersey, go 'home' to Minnesota, or play for a west coast team (Ducks/Sharks) 

3) Which brings us to (former-?) Capitals winger Alex Semin. The soon-to-be UFA would appear to be the 2nd best forward option available in the paper-thin class of UFA's this summer.  The much (deservedly) maligned Russian has wowed and amazed and pissed off his team mates/coaches(sometimes on the same shift) with his immense talent coupled with almost zero hockey sense/IQ. He can make a ridiculous/dazzling move one second and take a dumb/lazy hooking penalty the next.  There is no doubt he possesses oodles of talent, but does he deserve big money??  In my opinion its a resounding NO!  However, we also believe that he will be offered a short term (2 year) deal worth upwards of 7 mil per.  Semin who is a shy reserved sort does have some friends in the NY Russian community so a move there would make sense for him. Additionally Semin has always played well in MSG.  The fit appears to make sense on those fronts, but the one that doesn't is the Tortorella factor. How long before 'Torts' would explode/bench the enigmatic Russian?  In my opinion it would take about 2 shifts!  LOL. Stay tuned as the UFA period is still 4 or so weeks away and this situation is still fluid.
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