Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Patrick Kane Still a Dick or Just a Dumb Drunk?

1) As some might recall we did a scathing post about Chicago Black hawk star forward Patrick Kane about 3 years ago. You can read the post, but basically he was being a bully drunk thug/dick to an elderly cabbie in his home town Buffalo with a cousin. One can attribute this to his being still young at the time (20). We still don't excuse the incident, but if it were to end there we might be more likely to forget and move on.

2) Fast forward 3 years when the now  23 year old Kane was seen at the University of Minnesota hanging out and partying hearty like he was a college freshman on his own away from his parents for the first time. Pictures like the one below of a passed out Kane have circulated throughout the Internet and seem to indicate that Patrick not only didn't learn much (if anything) from the Buffalo incident, but perhaps he 'has a alcohol problem'??  Certainly team officials (who didn't comment on the record)  are extremely worried about this and other "incidents" that Kane has been involved with the past couple of years.
3) WE are hearing and reading story after story of drunken romps both in The Windy City, on road trips and elsewhere in the off seasons to the point now that the team is very concerned.  Especially that his offensive productions seems to be diminishing from its peak in 09-10 (Cup season) when he got 30 goals and 88 points to this past season when he managed (due to a late surge) to get 23 goals and 66 points.  Most players don't peak at 21 and then fade.  Clearly there seems to be an issue(s) here? Does the team need to have an intervention? 

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