Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Agreement, No Season!

1) "You can take that to the bank", is what we were told by trusted sources when we asked if it were possible the NHL owners/Bettman would allow the season to proceed if there is no new CBA in place prior to Sptember 15th.  Earlier today headlines were made when NHLPA head Fehr stated the players might play despite there being no agreement prior to the old CBA expireing on the 15th.  Stating that he has seen negotiations continue and playing continue even when there is no new agreement.  Clearly putting the ball into the NHL's court on whether or not there will be a delay (or cancelation) of the 2012-2013 season.

2) However, the NHL will NOT be amenable to such a proposition.  The reason is that they don't want to give the players the leverage that starting a season would give them.  The owners also do NOT want the status quo, feeling that starting the season would be a bad precident and not give the players the impetus to take the reduction in the percentage they are seeking. (More on that in a future post that should be out tomorrow).  Therefore do NOT get excited when you read that the season could begin without a new CBA in place. In fact you can take that 'To the bank'!

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