Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parise Disses Rangers?

1) In a long off season when there is little actual news to report stories like the one published yesterday tend to garner more interest than they otherwise would, in my opinion.  Yesterday we had the (non) story of impending Unrestricted free agent,and current New Jersey Devil Zac Parise stating an emphatic NO when asked if he would consider playing for the New York Rangers.  Now for the record we at Fauxrumors wrote just that 3 weeks ago. To remind those who may have missed it, in our post rangers-to-court-semin we wrote: "Sather and the Rangers have been told quietly by Parise representatives NOT to expect their client to listen to offers from NY. Not that Zac has anything against NY, but his list of destinations are either to stay in Jersey, go 'home' to Minnesota, or play for a west coast team (Ducks/Sharks)"

2) Therefore in my estimation Zac simply was being honest, public and up front about his intentions. The Rangers, we were told, already knew this weeks ago and therefore didn't take this as being anything Earth shattering as the NY press especially is attempting to make this into.  The kid's a UFA, and probably for the one and only time will have carte blanche of where he plays next.  At least the Rangers know early that they need to not wait for Parise or think in those terms. They know already they are not in the mix. In that regard we feel that Zac did their organization a favour.  In somewhat related news we are planning an upcoming post concerning some players who are NOT free agents but nonetheless are likely to be on the move by July1.
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