Monday, June 4, 2012

One of The Best Hangs Em' Up!

1) Last week the expected official announcement of Nicklas Lidstrom's retirement was made by the 42 year old Swedish defensemen.  There is little doubt that Nick will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. He was the epitome of what a defensemen should be. Combining great offensive ability with an almost effortless positional defense that was second to none.  No doubt history will regard Lidstrom as one of the best at his position; rating up there with Orr, Bourque, Potvin and Robinson. 

2) Not only was he a great hockey player but probably as (if not more) importantly EVERYONE who knew/ever met him NEVER had anything negative/bad to say about him.  All the positives that have been written about Lidstrom are true.  He may not be perfect (Only God himself is), but he’s as close as a person can come to being perfect.  He will live forever as a life long Red Wing, a hockey immortal, Hall-of-Famer and player who's jersey number will never be worn again.  He will also be recalled as a person who was an equally good player, teammate, captain, friend and no less important a committed and dedicated husband and father!   To me, the ladder are more important than the 4 Cups and several shelves- full of Norris Trophys.  Mr. Lidstrom you will not only be missed by your Red Wings, but the entire NHL!

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