Monday, July 20, 2009

Eklund Pucks Up?

1) As many of our long time readers may know we here at Fauxrumors have had an interesting relationship with the well known rumour whore known as Eklund.

2) We intended to do an all inclusive piece on him in the upcoming weeks, but another writer has apparently done a better job at that than we ever could, so we would ask our readers to peruse this site to learn all you'll ever need to know about this entity known as Eklund. At that very excellently written site, the best part in our opinion is a very telling stat. The writer compiled a full list of al known Eklund rumours from January 2008 through June 1, 2009. During that time there were 473 separate rumours of various types. Of these he got 457 wrong, and 15 correct! Yes, that's a whopping 3.1 % accuracy rating. Or more correctly Inaccuracy rating! Anyone going to his site looking for credible information is fooling themselves. Its not unlike the old psychic hot lines. His site should be required to run a disclaimer of "For Entertainment Purposes Only!

3) We would actually take that 3.1 % to task as he mentions so many potential teams involved/available player that its almost inconceivable that its not higher than 3.1 %. His now known tactic of announcing 'done deals', or other rumours as his own when they are in the media BEFORE HockeyBuzz had a recent example. He stated that his site called the Tallon firing. In fact a local Chicago station broke the story a 1/2 hour earlier. Apparently one of Ek's 'sources' has a television! LOL However, the doozy that really got back to Eklund was the Tanguay to Florida nonsense from a week ago. He actually went out on a huge limb (unusual for Eklund) and called it a done deal(An E5 in Eklundese) Unfortunately the deal was NOT a done. Far from it from what our Fauxrumor sources tell us. " It was never beyond the polite discussions phase" is what a respected source told us. " He went on to say, "I think someone wanted to screw around with this guy and put him in his place". To that we say, Its about time! LOL

4) In an attempt to try to deflect the immense criticism that resulted from this big miss and the possible loss of revenue generating customers Ek recently resorted to the sympathy card. He made up a story that his long time dog, Burt passed away. Sorry Ek, we weren't distracted by the Faux loss and the continued Tanguay, etc rumours that continued in the wake of your major screw-up. Again we say, if going to that site is simply for amusement, enjoy. If you're going there for legit inside information then you're being fooled by a total fraud! In our eyes Eklund as a credible source is dead and buried!!


Nick said...

I personally feel that Twitter is the Key at this point. Eklund has embraced that medium, whereas FauxRumors, regretably, has not. I would love, personally, to follow FR on Twitter to hear exactly what is going on.


1) Thanks Nick. We will consider your advice. We do have a Twitter acount, but have yet to find usefullness for it. WE blog, not try to send out countless wrong rumours to paying customers. Thanks for reading!

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