Monday, July 13, 2009

99 In It For The Money?$?

1) A bizarre twist in the Phoenix Coyotes sale/bankruptcy proceedings. Apparently a lawyer representing Wayne Gretzky(the teams head coach and minority owner) wants to keep his clients private financial details out of the public arena and out of the current process unfolding in a Glendale Arizona court room. Responding to a motion by the city of Glendale to review Gretzky's income tax returns, Gretzky's attorneys argue that he is a California resident and is entitled to that state's privacy protections. They also say his personal finances aren't relevant to the complicated legal battle over the team's sale.

2) They aren't? Of course they are. He's an (part) owner, his finances ARE relevant. We're not attorney's here at Fauxrumors (Thank the Lord!), but we can see a clear connection when we see one. The Great One is taking in an enormous 7 million/season to coach a team for which he has NEVER won a thing! He is BY FAR the highest paid NHL coach. If he had a few Stanley Cups under his belt we PERHAPS could better understand that figure. As it is a coach like Mike Babcock who has won, and is considered one of the best in the business is believed to average around $1.5 million a season. Anyone see a problem with Wayne getting paid so handsomely, not producing results AND to top it all off the franchise is under water (hard to do in the desert!)

3) So we have to ask, (why isn't anyone else?) is Wayne in it for the $$ or the love of the game? Would his personal fiances perhaps show that Janet (Mrs Gretzky) has misappropriated a good deal of the Gretzky fortune gambling in Vegas while her husband is busy/on the road all season? Its likely Wayne just want to be paid off for the sale and be left alone without anyone knowing his business. Probably, but sorry 99, when you became part owner, and were paid well above the going rate for a mediocre NHL head coach, you opened yourself up to this kind of scrutiny. We won't get into the other aspects of this situation(right now) but suffice to say, things are getting quite interesting, and Mr. Bettman and others are not used to having their dirty laundry out there for all the world to see. We at Fauxrumors, couldn't be happier! WE always advocate for transparency!


Peter said...

I am not sure that Gretz is too worried about people finding out his salary from the Yotes, that would be well documented in any accounting files from the Yotes themselves, which are a matter of evidence in the Bankruptcy Court. Gretz has filed his action to prevent the court (and others) from looking into his non-Yotes finances which are irrelevant to the bankruptcy/sale proceedings of the Yotes.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Can you separate personal finances here? After all 99 is not only an employee, but also part owner of the team in the bankruptcy proceedings?
2) WE can how it can be argued that we don't need to see any of his non Coyote related financial information though

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