Thursday, July 2, 2009


1) That one word is all we could come up with to describe some of the bizarre moves we saw made yesterday. Fauxrumors tells us that they will do a 'winners/losers' post in the upcoming days, but we wanted to first do a post to relay what we believe are some mentally unstable moves made by teams(GM's) the past 48 hours. That's all we could come up with as an explanation. They can't be stable, right? After all, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, no?
2) Here are some of the moves made yesterday that show possible mental illness in our opinion.
  • The Canadiens taking on the Scott Gomez contract! What was Gainey thinking? Gomez at 4 million would be a stretch, but to now be forced to pay a guy a 7.35 cap hit for another 5 years is nuts, to put it mildly! To boot the Habs gave up one of their top prospects in the deal. 'Gomer' is NOT a true #1 center, but is paid like he is an elite player. Glen Sather must have creamed in his pants when Gainey agreed to take on the Gomez salary cap anchor.
  • The Gaborik contract: Of course Sather's next move was to use this new found space(plus a bit more) to take on an injury prone forward who has yet to win anything in his career. To give the guy 2-3 seasons was bad enough, but Sather had to give the guy 5! Nuts! Of course Gainey will probably take him next summer!
  • The Gionta contract: Again, the GM we believe is most in need of counseling, Bob Gainey gave a 5 year contract to a guy 4 years removed from his last top productive season. Sure, he had a decent year last season, but he's 30 and you give him a 5 year deal at 1st line money?
  • Not to be out done Brian Burke in Toronto also made a few moves that had us scratching our heads. Signing Colton Orr to a 4 year contract? Sure its only for 1 million, but why the extra years? Its not like he's an irreplaceable piece that you don't want to get away! Then he signs Mike Komisarek to a 5 year deal at what most expected at 4.5 million, but for a stay at home non flashy type coming off a less than stellar year it seems quite steep. perhaps not an insane deal, but still not the best move in our opinion
  • The Bouwmeester contract- Right before the UFA period was set to commence the Flames signed Jay to a 5 year, 6.7 mil cap hit deal. Now we think Bouwmeester is a nice player who may yet improve more, but is he an elite defensemen? No. We believe very shortly the Flames will find out what Panther fans have seen; He's NOT the go to guy that this contract appears make Jay. If he falters (see Wade Redden) fans and management will be all over the poor guy who is a self described introvert. In other words, it could get ugly, fast!

3) Other curious, yet not quite insane moves:

  • Giving a 36 year old goalie a 4 year contract(Khabibulin). yes, it wasn't for the absurd 6.75 he got from his last deal, but its length is what got our attention
  • Paying an old fighter(Brashear) 2 years at 1.4 mil. Seems a lot to pay a 4th line designated fighter.
  • Six years for Marty Havlat. The cap hit is reasonable(5 million) IF he stays healthy for the duration. The problem is Marty other than last season, doesn't stay healthy for long stretches.


Andy Facini said...

You said it. Insane.

HockeyNutz said...

You know you have no one reading this! You write on this pathetic blog then respond using differnt names

I'm on to you!


1) YADDA YADDA, YADDA Nutz. It was so nice while you were 'away'. Can you go back now?

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Sorry FR. Didn't realize that the moron was back

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