Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh, Dany Boy!

1) The Dany Heatley saga doesn't seem to want to end. Almost a full month+ since Heatley and Ottawa went public saying that there were irreconcilable differences between the team and their super star forward we still remain at a impasse. Twice we are told trades that were agreed upon by Edmonton and Ottawa were nixed by Dany boy. Now, for the record, as much as we dislike Bryan Murray, we have to come down on the side of Ottawa management on this one.

2) Once Heatley came out and publicly stated he wanted to be dealt he and his agent should have known that they already placed Ottawa into a poor position relative to getting back a good return on a trade. Teams knew that Murray was in a bind, and weren't going to offer top dollar in a trade. Therefore Heatley, after requesting a trade should have also said he wouldn't also exercise his 'No Trade Clause' and nix any potential deals. In our opinion you shouldn't have it both ways. If you didn't want to play in Edmonton you should have bit the bullet and shut the hell up and play for the Senators next season, case closed.

3) The negative response in Canada therefore should be expected. Not only has Heatley spurned one Canadian franchise, but now, in rejecting Edmonton, two! Who would have thought that Alexei Yashin would look good compared to Dany Boy!?! After all Yashin only quit on one team, not two, and to boot wasn't directly responsible for the death of anyone. Many may have forgotten how Heatley requested a trade from Atlanta after his "accident" that killed Dan Snyder http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=1841192. The Thrashers accommodated their star who wanted a fresh start. Additionally Heatley only 2 years ago signed a very lucrative deal with the Senators. One that pays him a cap hit 7.5 million BUT the kicker is that the Sens actually paid him 14 million this past year in salary and bonuses so they have already paid out a considerable sum. So at the very least Heatley should agree to go where ever he was traded!

4) When last asked Murray said he doesn't have many options right now, which makes sense, and since the Sens had to recently pay out the 4 million dollar bonus he expects to get back even more than before that pay out. Murray is unlikely to get any GM to give him more than the rumoured Edmonton trade would have. Perhaps he could get the team to sweeten the deal with a draft pick or two, but with few teams with the cap space to absorb the Heatley contract, Murray and Heatley may have to try to mend fences? "Not gonna happen" is what one agent (Not Heatley's) told us. "No way Heatley plays another game in Ottawa!"

5) When we called around we found out what we were were told appeared to be accurate with a trade still MORE likely than not, despite what folks are saying publicly. Right now we are told that several teams are/were making offers. The Stars, Capitals, Sharks, LA and yes, even Edmonton are still very much in the hunt. In fact Edmonton is still the leading candidate. The Oilers are trying everything they can to convince Dany to change his mind. Also someone very close to the situation said the Columbus talk was all bullshit made up by Eklund. There was NEVER any discussions by those 2 teams We are told theSens "are making some headway" and a move could be announced before the week is out. For Dany Boy's sake he better agree to any move that Ottawa comes up with at this point! He's public Enemy #1 now, it could get even uglier if he doesn't relent, and soon!

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Mr. Spock said...

You hit the nail on the proverbial head with your Yashin reference. Alexei was actually well liked at first up here, as was Heatley. Dany is probably best served to move to a team that won't play in Kanata any time soon!

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