Friday, July 31, 2009

Stabbed In The Back!

1) Stabbed in the back is exactly how Dale Tallon must have felt when he was relieved of duties last month. As we wrote then when the dismissal occurred, we stated that it was not a surprise. That most saw this coming from a mile away. However, we at FR2 have learned from sources in the know that ownership and team president John McDonough have wanted to replace Tallon for almost a year, but couldn't because of the team's, and by extension Tallon's success.

2) The first step was to hire Scotty Bowman. Once this took place, as this source told us, "Tallon was in essence a Dead man Walking" with regard to his future as GM. "He was toast as soon as Bowman was hired". Scotty took the job with the assurance that his son Stan Bowman, who had been with the team for almost 10 years, were to be promoted to the position. The first salvo we were told was the removal of Denis Savard just four games into the season. This wasn't Tallon's decision, but came from McDonough. In reality it was done at the behest of the elder Bowman, who had been lobbying the team to hire Quenville.

3) When the team had such success this past season it became even more difficult for management to up and fire the apparent architect of the turn around. They needed an easy excuse. Thus the Qualifying offer-gate issue surfaced. What many in the media already know but seem to be under reporting is the fact that it is the asst GM's duty to send out the QO. Guess who that is? Yes, Stan Bowman! So in essence Tallon was fired because his successor screwed up? Well yes, kind of. You see Bowman didn't 'screw up' we are told, but it was orchestrated to make Tallon look unqualified and thus give the team an easy out to fire Tallon. To prevent any further PR problems Tallon was retained within the organization so as to keep him quiet. However friends who know the very proud former NHL-er was profoundly hurt by the decision. Moral of the story, if Scotty Bowman is ever hired to be a consultant, don't take your eyes off him for a second! Tallon may not have been the best GM in pro sports, but he certainly didn't 'earn' a dismissal! Stabbed in the back indeed

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