Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Faux Friend?

1) This may not be directly hockey related, but to many of our loyal/long time readers it will be of interest/kind of a shock. About 2 weeks ago a long time friend, and one of our top Faux sources contacted us. Usually when such a call comes in its almost always to let us know about a trade/free agent discussion, or other juicy NHL related gossip that you the readers have been accustomed to getting here. However this time the reason for the call was to discuss 'patching things up with another hockey blogger'

2) That had us intrigued. When we found out who he was alluding to, we almost collectively hit the floor. Evidently our buddy/source has also been a frequent source for the 'dark side'(Eklund) LOL Anyway, to get right to the point he wanted to arrange a face to face between he and the chief contributors of the FAUXRUMORS Group, LLC. As its the summer and there isn't much happening hockey wise at the moment we agreed. We even went so far as to travel up north from our headquarters nearer to Eklund's turf. Since it was a nice summer weekend we decided to meet at Sea Isle City NJ.

3) We have to say we had never been to a 'Jersey Shore' beach before, but we were impressed. Anyway, the meeting went about as well as we had ever thought it would. We quickly buried the hatchet of the silly name calling that transpired last fall that became a cold war of sorts. We learned that we all had much more in common; with having young families and all, that the silliness of last year quickly dissipated into fun hockey and children stories we all had. We found out we had quite a few of the same insiders feeding us info. We had quite a laugh at one agent who wanted us so badly to publish an obviously false rumor to try to bolster his client's bargaining position. Now, we both know that we're used by others at times, but we do have a limit! LOL

4) We decided that the rumor and hockey blog world was quite large enough(and getting bigger by the day!) to fit both of our respective camps. That name calling and trying to out do the other was pointless. Now, don't think this was all a love fest. We did take him to task for kissing up to Bettman and the owners during the lockout, but that's now 2+ years ago so we didn't press that too very much. Just a subtle reminder that our opinion on this issue won't be swayed by our new approach as colleagues as opposed to enemies.

5) We also agreed to continue to allow him and HIS agents/other posters to continue their anonymity. Like us, he isn't one person, but a group of collaborators who write under one by-line,(Eklund) though the main individual with whom we met this weekend is the driving force behind the blog. We admire their ingenuity and the crafty way in which they have developed quite a following of paying customers. We do NOT begrudge them for this. We in contrast do NOT do this for the notoriety or money(we need/desire neither!), but for our intense love for the game of hockey. On the ladder point at least we are in tune with our colleague from Phillie. As such they are now Faux-Friends!


dlyjoe5726 said...

Did you end your meeting with a circle jerk or something? What a bunch of fucking bullshit! Who the fuck gives a rats asshole what, where or who you met? This site which already bites has sunk to a new low.

Shuck-A-Luck said...

What a class act joe is!

So do tell Faux, who is this other blogger? Id love to check out his site too! Gotta love the rumors!

Don't keep the secret to yourself!


1) Shuck: Who is the 'other blogger'? Not sure what you're asking. Re-read the post and let us know who you're alludig to.
2) DlyJoe: Haven't seen your bile in a while. Thanks for sharing. You probably should check out this site: http://www.apa.org/topics/controlanger.html

Sauce said...

I'm with Shuck... Faux, your post is very confusing. I've not been reading or commenting on this blog for very long, but even after I went back and read the relevant entries from the archives, I still don't quite understand the implications of your post, or who the various parties are that you allude to. Was it Eklund or his "men behind the curtain" with whom you met? And please explain for those of us less informed, what exactly is the connection between "Fauxrumors" and "Fauxrumors2"? Is F-2 a separate blog site? If Antz is actually part of the Fauxrumors group of contributors (as I noticed was announced last year), does he/she have a separate blog site?

Bottom line... I think you're assuming that your readers can read a lot more between the lines than they're actually capable of doing.


1) Sorry if the post was a tad ambiguous. Thought it was spelled out enough to understand that:Quoting the post "...the main individual with whom we met this weekend is the driving force behind the blog."(Eklund)
2) As to our identities, yes we all are part of/contributors to this ONE blog. More than one individual writing; one blog site. That include the original FAUXRUMORS, as well as FR2, and Antz.

Sauce said...

OK. Thanks for spelling it out.

Interesting that Eklund began his Monday morning post this week recounting the great time he had at the beach this past weekend.


1) Hadn't read their(Eklunds') posts this week, but it does make sense ofcourse, since we were all there! LOL

Shuck-A-Luck said...

So you met with EK himself? Awesome, so lucky to have that kind of connection!

How long you known him? Were you ever part of HockeyBuzz? or did you work with him in his blogspot days?

Any hints to his secret identity for us?

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