Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Fighting Remains Essential!

1) This post has to start with "Here we go again"! We feel compelled to defend the very necessary/enjoyable aspect of the NHL which has come under fire (again) recently. That aspect is of course fighting. When Don Sanderson tragically passed away last month, ostensibly following a fall after a hockey fight, the anti-fighting zealots went into over drive hitting home their position that this aspect of hockey needs to be eliminated, etc. Most failed to mention that the incident did NOT take place in a professional league. Mr. Sanderson was NOT being paid to play. It was a senior league. A pick up game of sorts. As Many, including Wayne Gretzky (not known as a big fighting advocate) have said, "Why were two people fighting in a senior league game anyway?" They shouldn't even allow hitting let alone fighting there. That point didn't matter. At last the anti-fighting folks had a legitimate (to them) death from fighting instance to use. We wonder if Mr. Sanderson had died from a fall after a shoulder check if they'd be calling for the NHL to end all body contact?

2) As we have pointed out frequently here at FAUXRUMORS fighting sells! To try to reduce, or even sillier eliminate that part of the game to mollify people who uusally don't like the game anyway is well beyond stupid. We understand the opposing view point of a small (yet very vocal minority of NHL fans), and do NOT think those folks are any less real fans, but they are misguided nonetheless. As we have maintained its a shame the NHL has gone into the direction of fewer and fewer enforcers (fighters). The AHL, which even more than the NHL is gate driven league, saw long ago that limiting fighting was for their detriment. The NHL needs to see this as well. Who cares what the Damien Cox's of the hockey world say. Fighting sells!

3) As we like to ask: "Who is the favourite players on each team" (at least until recently) It was the leading scorer and the resident enforcer. Coincidence? Ever see ANYONE get up and leave a game if a fight was occurring or about to happen? Can we end all the 'need to increase scoring' nonsense, and lets eliminate the rules that are inhibiting fighting like the instigator penalty. We're not advocating a return of the 1970's bench clearing brawl, but bring back fighting to its pre Bettman 1980's levels! In the good old days you’d always see several scraps/intense hockey as teams fight (literally) for their playoff lives The skill level has undoubtedly increased with the flood of Europeans, but so has the intensity level waned as a result. A jingoistic attitude? Perhaps, but its still true!

4) The NHL would be making a HUGE mistake to reduce, or even ban fighting. Much like a hard clean hit, like Scott Stevens on Lindros, sometimes players get hurt in the course of the game. Its unfortunate, but happens. We liken the Fedoruk/Orr incident last season in that light as well. Yes, the mainstream press/anti-hockey forces will link the Sanderson and all like incidents. Most hockey fans know the deal, and Bettman and the owners/GM's had better not further sissify the sport we all know and love to placate a bunch of folks who wouldn't like hockey even if there were ZERO fights! Watch below and see how many folks are getting up and walking out!


Duncan N. Komani said...

I like your ideas here. Agree that most of us like to see fights in the games. Getting injured is part of the thing that players face be it fighting or any aspect of the game. To ban it because a amateur got hurt is silly

Lyle said...

Like it or not there seems to be more impetis than in many a year to have something done with regards to fighting. When fighting advocates like Brian Burke admit that changes will be coming, you know something is up.
I don't see it getting banned, but rules on chin straps and helmuts might be almost a guarentee to be passed this year.
Whether that reduces the number of fights remains to be seen, but the folks who want a complete ban have the momentum right now

amber mac said...

I disagree faux. The NHL would be much better off without the goons who do most of the fighting.
Yes, its popular, but so was the Roman coliseum where they killed people. It doesn't make fighting any less barbaric. It has no place in the game today.
There is no fighting in any other professional sport so why here?

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