Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where Are The Dominoes?

1) Click on the link from THREE WEEKS AGO from the trade rumour hustler extraordinaire, Eklund. In the aftermath of the Sundin to Vancouver signing (For the record he had Mats going to about 10 different teams since the summer, while we ALWAYS saw ONLY a Canadian destination, most likely Vancouver, as his ultimate choice) Eklund stated this move would be the "first Domino". Implying that there were several trades imminent to occur once the log jam of waiting or Sundin's decision had occurred.

2) Well, its now three weeks later Ek, and we're still waiting for our first meaningful deal post-Sundin. Those dominoes may be falling, but it must be at zero G, huh? ; ) Not recalling his own stupid domino theory (or having no one who called him out- detractors are not allowed on his site!) he went from Sundin to Jay Bouwmeester. You know, J-Bo. As he wrote a week after the Sundin nonsense: "A Jay Bo Domino" Recall this nugget from the idiot: "I am hearing the only thing holding back a Spezza to Calgary trade may be the fact that both teams are leading the way in the Bouwmeester sweeps. LOL Perhaps the Spezza to Calgary never took place because the Flames: a) Don't have the cap space to fit Spezza's 7 million salary and/or b) Spezzza is a soft playoff player. The kind Keenan and Sutter hate!
3) Of course there will be trades between now and March 4th, but to imply that one deal is contingent on another is asinine. As we have been told countless times, look at each teams cap number even before their needs to see who may make a deal. We have been told over and over NOT to expect any block busters before the All star game, and most likely most deals will take place March 1-4 so as much salary as is possible is already off this season's books.
WE leave off with an unauthorized picture of Eklund below seeing swirling dominoes no doubt!


The Co-Pilot said...

Funny one Faux. Do people still listen to Eklund? I thought after he embarassed himself at the draft deadline show on TSN last year he lost any little credibility he had left. People still pay to read that crap?

POOOH said...

I think eKland person is good fun to read. I not beleeve what he write all time but think it intresting to talk about with other hockey fan. nobody have to pay to read and go there


1) Pilot: The show you're thinking of was two years ago and it was Sportsnet's Trade Deadline Show. Seem to recall they blocked his image for his anonymity. It came off so amateurish. We agree a huge embarrassment as he broke NO trades before TSN.
2) yes, people still do pay him money. Not all do who go to his site, but 'insiders" pay a fee. Not sure what incentives he gives them, but can't imagine its much as he hasn't broken a real trade PRIOR to it being rumoured elsewhere. He has Zip, Zero, nada credibility!
3) Pooh: If you're reading Eklund for entertainment, then we agree, its fine. If one is going to his site for inside info and paying $$ to get scoops, then you're being duped!

JP said...

Here's a heads up for you guys. It looks like Eklund is stealing some of your stuff. He had a strory that Jagr is supposedly coming back to the NHL and to the Devils. I remaber you did a story last month that said this. Looks like ya scooped the rumor guy!


1) JP: Thanks. Several other readers sent us that note. We find it both funny/pathetic and typical ok Eklund.
2) We aren't certain if he 'stole it' from us, more than we scooped him and his sources. It is ironic/curious though that this story broke on his site right after our story about him and his 'lack of Dominoes'. ; )

DanNOLA said...

Look, we all know that Ek is an absolute joke. I don't think a damn thing he has ever said would come true has ever actually come true. But, I will give him credit for developing a website that has become lucrative and popular. Plus, there are individual bloggers on that site that are always entertaining and informative (the Gallofs for the Isles and Rags in particular). But, without them I would never even consider going to that site. FAUX actually has content about salary, the KHL, and other issues that I find much more fasinating than anything from Ek.

Bobby Orr to Islanders (e5)


1) Dan: We never/don't begrudge he/anyone for making an honest buck. We congratulate him for making bucks off folks in return for his 'entertainment'.
2) At the same time, we feel obligated to write/discuss his track record, for as you correctly point out, its abysmal considering all the hoopla he initially received after the lockout.
3) Yes, he has managed to sign up a nice array of quality folks to write real(not imaginary) hockey stories. We believe it this, not his rumours) that has kept him afloat. That said, we believe his days may be numbered. The number of folks who are buying 'passes' is down significantly, a reliable source tells us.


1) We also want to add that we at Faux rumors have declined any income from our blog. Yes, we're a relatively small enterprise (our choice), but even at that advertisers have contacted us in the past.
2) We tell them as we have always said to our readers; We do this NOT for $$ (we have more than we'll ever be able to reasonable spend!) We don't do it for notoriety. We shun the limelight. We do this for FUN! We love hockey and discussing it. We have to answer to no one and as a result feel we can never be accused of compensation affecting what we write!

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