Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweet 16 Predictions

1) After a one week hiatus for the All-Star weekend, we are back at our weekly picks. To refresh we have a 108-72 record thus far this season for a respectable .567 winning percentage. Additionally we have a record of 12-3 for our "Locks of The Week", or 80% correct.

2) There is a full 12 game schedule today/tonight:

Detroit Red Wings Vs-Washington Capitals : Capitals

Los Angeles Kings VS- Montreal Canadiens Habitants ( Lock Of The Week)

Florida Panthers VS-New York Islanders: Panthers

Dallas Stars VS-Columbus Blue Jackets: Stars

Philadelphia Flyers VS-St. Louis Blues Blues

Minnesota Wild VS- Vancouver Canucks: Canucks

New York Rangers VS-Boston Bruins Bruins

Anaheim Ducks VS- Colorado Avalanche: Avalanche

Pittsburgh Penguins VS-Toronto Maple Leafs: Maple Leaves

Atlanta Thrashers VS-Carolina Hurricanes: Canes

Buffalo Sabres VS-Phoenix Coyotes : Coyotes

Blackhawks VS-Sharks: Shark (Game of the week!)

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