Sunday, January 18, 2009

Week 15 Results

1) Week 15 is in the books. How did we do? Well, it was a veritable blood bath for us. We went a putrid 4-7 on the day/night. To top it all off we got our Lock as far incorrect as one can get as the Predators got shelled at home by the previously hapless Thrashers, 7-2. So for those keeping score at home(and you know you are) our season-long totals are now 108-72 for a still respectable .567 winning percentage, and our "Locks" are now at 12-3, still running at 80%.

2) As we alluded to earlier there will be no picks next week as the NHL takes Thursday the 22nd through Monday the 26th off for the All-Snooze festivities in Montreal. We also intend to throw out our 2 cents(as most hockey blogs have done already) in listing our First half Trophy' winners. Look for it early this week! As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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Antzmarching said...

Hey Faux, Antz got ya again - I went 7-4 Saturday night... 70 wins, 41 losses for the year to date... That's a .630 winning percentage...

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