Monday, January 19, 2009

First Half Trophy Winners

1) Many hockey blogs throw out their projections for these winners at the quarter poll, which is a tad too early, but with the season at its mid point we figured enough has transpired to make the selections valid so we threw together our opinion of who should be the winners of the major individual NHL trophies if the season were to end today:

  • Hart: Alex Ovechkin. "The Great 8" is having another fabulous season. Propelling his team to 2nd in the East despite an amazing rash of injuries to almost their entire defensive corps. He is second in goals, 3rd in points, first in shots, and is the only NHL player in the top 15 in scoring who in in triple digits in hits. He does it all, and does it all well. Without him its doubtful the Caps are even in the top 8 Honorable mentions: Evgeny Malkin and Ryan Getzlaf

  • Norris: Nicklas Lidstrom. What else can be said of the future Hall of famer? Because he seems to do this every year his stats might get overlooked, yet he is having yet another great season in Mo-town. Up among the leaders in points for a defender, +/-, minutes played/game, yet only has 14 penalty minutes. He elevates the game of everyone around him.(Ask Brian Rafalski!) Honorable mentions: Denis Wideman and Andre Markov

  • Calder: Steve Mason. The kid burst on to the NHL scene. Taking a team in Columbus who many(including us at Fauxrumors) didn't have a shot at the post season into contention for the 8th spot. he leads all goalies in GAA(a gaudy 1.91) and 2nd in save % at 932. Going 17-10 on a Jackets team that is 22nd in goal scoring. Without him the Columbus is near the bottom. Honorable mentions: Kris Versteeg and Blake Wheeler

  • Vezina:Steve Mason. (See above.) We would have had Tim Thomas, but seeing that his team mate Manny Fernandez had similar stats, we had to give the nod to the kid from Columbus who's team is not nearly as strong as the Bruins. Honorable mentions: Tim Thomas and Scott Clemmenson (No, not a joke)

  • Selke: Jeff Carter. The Flyers 3rd year forward is having a great all around season. Not only first in goals, and in the top 12 in points, but he also has a solid +/- and has netted 4 'shorties', makinghim a triple threat (PP/PK 5-5) he is almost always up against the opposing teams top forward line and is one of the reasons the Flyers are right there in the East. Honorable mention:Pavel Datsyuk and Patrick Marleau

  • Adams: Brent Sutter. We weren't big fans of his initial hiringlast year. We felt at the time he was possibly going to be in over his head a bit going strait from Juniors to the NHL, but 'Pup' has proven himself this season with his devils right among the East leaders despts having lost their Mr. Vezina, Martin Brodeur for most of the season thus far. Honorable mention: Claude Julian and Todd McLellan


Jibblescribbits said...

Strongly disagree with some of your choices (and the obvious East Coast bias).

Norris I think Lidstrom is the best defender in the past 10 years in the NHL, but this is not his best season. Shea Weber has trailed off a little, but has had a superb 1st half, and Dan Boyle is Everything SJ wanted when they acquired Campbell last season. I'd go with Boyle.

Calder Mason is a decent choice, but I think Goligowski and Doughty deserve soem consideration. Defenders never win the award but both are playing well with their struggling franchise.

Vezina: I'm not sold on Mason yet (remember LeClaire last season.). For the Vezina I'd consider these three goalies: Thomas, Mike Smith (the only respectable thing in Tampa) and Vokoun. Carey Price is having a pretty impressive season as well.

Adams What's wrong with Bruce Boudreau in WSH again. He's certainly doing a superb job again. Despite that, my vote is for McLellan.


1) Jibbble: Yes, the Norris is definitely up in the air this season. The players you mentioned along with Z-Chara certainly will get consideration. You favourite player, Dion Phaneuf will not. LOL

2) East coast bias? Of the 6 awards we had 3 each to each conference. Of the 12 "honorable mentions" 5 to the west 7 to the East. Not a huge bias there we don't think. Of course residing in the Eastern time zone may affect things we will concede


1) OOPs, did you mean Eastern time zone bias.Just saw that many of our "west picks were actually in the eastern time zone. If so, see your point.

Jibblescribbits said...

Yes, when I say "East Coast bias" it includes the Wings.. and also the Blackhawks to an extent. (the media seems to forget that there's 13 other teams besides those 2 in the Western Conference. I was more joking with you, but the picks seem geographically eastern heavy.)

The Puck Stops Here said...

Jeff Carter for Selke? The top defensive forward should be a defensive forward. Not somebody who draws th other team's defensive forwards onto him who worries about defense at times.


1) Jibble: A vast majority of teams in the NHL reside in the eastern/Central time zone than the other 2 US time zones, although there is definitely a bias in TV coverage and the stars the league promotes
2) Puck: Did you disagree with the selection of Pavel Datsyuk last year or do you consider him a true "top defensive forward"?

Jibblescribbits said...


very true, but Let's be honest. Dallas, St. Louis, Columbus, Minnesota and Nashville are treated a lot differently than Detroit and Chicago.

If you look at the major awards since the lockout nearly all of them that can be voted on by media members have gone to the Eastern Conference players.

The Puck Stops Here said...

I do disagree with the selection of Pavel Datsyuk last year. I was supporting Patrick Sharp who plays more of a shutdown role on his team.

That said, I find Datsyuk a better choice than Carter if I had to pick between the two.


1) Puck: That was probably the original intent of the Selke award as was probably the original intent of the Norris to go to the best 'defensemen' instead of the best defensemen who could also produce points as has traditionally become the meaning of the trophy

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