Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shanny Signs With Devils

1) It appears that reports stating that Brendan Shanahan is going to play where his career started, New Jersey are accurate. Although he left the team back in 1991 under less than friendly circumstances as a free agent, (this actually was a blessing for NJ as it brought back Scott Stevens as compensation) Shanahan has in recent years reconciled with the team GM/president Lou Lamarello. So it should come as no shock that 'Shanny' chose to return to his original team in Jersey.

2) As we have written on more than one occasion, Brendan had a very short list of teams that he would consider playing for. The Rangers were clearly his first choice, but the Blue Shirts never were able to clear enough cap room to make a return of Shanahan work. So he shopped around hoping that another NE team would come calling. He turned down a 2 year 8 million dollar deal from St. Louis, and another 1 year deal from Vancouver. As it happens the Devils have plenty of space to accommodate a pro rated 2 million dollar (with incentive to 4 million) deal for the Mimico, Ont native.

3) We at Fauxrumors feel this addition can only help bolster a playoff run by NJ. Amazingly, and to the credit of Brent Sutter, the team has kept pace even with the loss of Marty Brodeur for the past 2 months. Many, including us, felt the Devils were destined for 'also ran' status this season. Shanahan in addition to adding a dangerous weapon for the Devils PP (they are currently running at an anemic 16%), he also adds considerable leadership and playoff experience. It might have a feel like an old timer game in the Devils dressing room once Brendan Shanahan gets back to playing. With the previous additions of Brian Rolston and Bobby Holik. No word is Scott Stevens is considering a return to NJ! ; )

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