Saturday, January 3, 2009

Week 13 Picks

1) Firstly a big thank you to FR2 for their incredibly thought provoking post yesterday about a new salary paradigm. Excellent job! They also tell us they plan on a 1/2 way post on or about a week or so from today. Now on to week 13 picks. We take our 89-57 record into today/night's action of 11 games.

Buffalo vs-Boston: Bruins

Calgary vs-Nashville: Predator

NY Rangers vs-Washington: Capital

Detroit vs-Minnesota Wild

Dallas vs-Edmonton Oiler

NY Islanders vs-San Jose: Shark ( Lock of The Week)

Florida vs-Pittsburgh: Penguin

Ottawa vs-Toronto: Maple Leaf

Carolina vs-Tampa Bay: Lightning

Columbus vs-St. Louis: Blues

Philadelphia vs-Los Angeles: King

1 comment:

Antzmarching said...

My Pix - missed the first two games, they will be omitted... Winners:

San Jose (LOL)
St. Louis

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