Monday, May 19, 2014

New York-Chicago Final Imminent?

1) With today's revelation that Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price is out for the remainder of the series against the NY rangers it appears that the path to the Stanley  Cup Finals is all but assured.  Price was injured in the first stanza of Game 1 when NY Rangers forward Chris Kreider lost an edge and 'accidentaly' slid into Price, probably concussing the net minder. Although there has been no official word of the injury our sources say that Price was having post game head aches and a diagnosis of Grade 1 concussion was made by the Habs medical staff making out of the question that he'd be able to play for a week to 10 days at the earliest. Making it a fore gone conclusion that Montreal has lost its best player.

2) On the flip side we don't believe that the Kings, already depleted defense will be able to hold back the onslaught of the Chicago Black hawks. They were able to hang in there in game 1, but it appeared just a matter of time before the flood gates opened up. If not for Jon Quick it could have been worse. From here, with blood in the water, and the Hawks eyeing a return to the Finals thy will only play tougher, and we believe the final 3 games will/could get ugly score-wise

3) Which very well might lead us to an Original 6 Finals. Not a shock since 3 of the 4 teams remaining are from the surviving/remaining original teams in the old NHL, pre- expansion era, but few would have predicted 3-4 weeks ago that we'd see the NY sextet as the East representative.  We are told that Gary Bettman has been telling his friends that he would LOVE a NY-Chi Final. It would allow the NHL's biggest event to take place in 2 of the US's biggest media markets. Almost guaranteeing top TV ratings.  Although we have lots of time until that takes place, all trends are pointing to a Big Apple- Windy City match up

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