Monday, May 5, 2014

Gretzky To Capitals? Dumb Idea!

1) It appears that the Washington Capitals are contemplating doing what many teams appear to be doing these days. That is have a highly regarded former NHL-er in its front office as either GM, president or a combination of titles. It can be traced back to Tampa bay who hired Steve Yzerman a few years ago.  More recently the Canucks, under heavy criticism and scrutiny after they fired both their GM and head coach, hired beloved former captain Trevor Linden to relieve the pressure. Toronto also under similar pressure hired former player safety head and Hall of Famer Brendan Shanahan to be its teams new president.  Additionally the Hurricanes promoted former super star player Ron Francis to be their new GM

2) The rumours circulating in the nation's capital is that team owner Ted Leonsis (the emaciated one) is talking with Wayne Gretzky to possibly be promoted to an unnamed front office position. With the firing of both GM George McPhee, and head coach Adam Oates the team has a front office void. It seems Leonsis wants some veteran presence in the front to help in the process of filling the vacant positions. Ted has not yet had to hire a GM in either of his professional sports teams, owned for 20 odd years. The Wizards and Capitals have had amazing front office job security despite either team ever winning anything.

3) Now, while we don't think it a bad idea that Ted get as much input as possible before hiring a man that will shape his franchise for years to come, we have to say " Are you nuts" with the possible choose of 'The Great One' who we as you might recall, have renamed The Greedy One".
  We would be first to conceded that Gretzky is unarguably one of the top 3 or 4 best hockey players to even lace em' up. However we have not seen a wit of reason to believe he is even a competent NHL executive, let alone one to make franchise altering decisions.

4) From the moment he retired he appeared to feel he was entitled to be hired in some one's front office. He was given the head coaching job in Arizona with no experience. As you may recall, we weren't keen on his job there. We were optimistic that the team would improve with his departure, and we have been vindicated.
 From there he got his panties in a bunch when the team declared bankruptcy and was not given his full (minority) share of the ownership when the NHL took over and sold the team. No one else got full share but TGO demanded he be reimbursed. He was not seen at any NHL sponsored events for a couple of years until the NHL relented and paid The Greedy One off. Now he again has his hand open, ready to be paid for being, well, Wayne Gretzky.  The Capitals would be foolish to hire this self serving, greedy bastard.  Only thing I'd want more of, are pics of Paulina.  ;)

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