Saturday, May 17, 2014

Conference Finals- Predictions:

1) We have finally come down to the NHL's version of The Final Four.  The series that will decide who will play for the chance to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup! In the West neither team's second consecutive appearance is a surprise. We at Fauxrumors pretty much had the West called correctly. In the East its another story. Few had the two Orignal 6, Rangers and Canadiens as Conference Finalists. We, like most figured Boston and/or Pttsburgh would be the teams competing once again for the Eastern title.All that said, here are our predictions for these series:

2) First The East:

N.Y. Rangers-VS- Montreal Canadiens: Although its a battle of original 6 opponents, these two franchises don't have the long history that the Habs and Bruins brought to their previous series.  Both teams rely on speed and good goaltending. The Rangers defense will have to especially be on their toes as the Canadiens love to cycle down low and create scoring chances with hard board work. They don't have one particular star forward, but a collection of speedy and pesky hard working attackers that will, as Boston found out be difficult to contain.  On the other side can the Rangers continue to ride the St. Louis emotional wave that overcame the 3-1 deficit against Pittsburgh?  Can Lundqvist be the star he was in those last 3 games?  Will Nash finally break out? Can they contain PK Subban?  Can Montreal also regain the emotion that helped them against Boston?  Can Price be a wall like he was against the B's? Which Red, white and Blue team will advance?   In the end we believe that Montreal will prevail and go on to their first Finals appearance in 21 years.
Canadiens in 6

3) Next The West:

Chicago Black Hawks-VS Los Angeles Kings:  As we alluded earlier, hardly a surprise to see the same two teams back again to fight for the Conference. Although neither had the best record, throughout the season one could see they both had the intangibles that make up a winner.  LA especially showed that in the first two rounds. Overcoming a 3-0 deficit in the first round and improbably beating the Sharks. Then, dispatching the regular season West champ Ducks in another thrilling 7 game series in which they trailed 3-2 and stormed back to win. In convincing fashion last night as if to say we are ready to compete for the Cup.  Unfortunately for them, the two previous series took its toll physically.  Losing key defensemen Willie Mitchell and Robyn  Regehr will be felt. Jeff Schultz played adequately in a fill in role, but we know the likes of Sharp, Kane and Towes are salivating at the prospect of going against the 'human pilon'.  Chicago also has that winning intangible but are more healthy and slightly deeper on all positions. Quick will have his hands full and better live up to his sir-name if the Kings have any chance here. If healthy we would have given the nod to LA to advance, but we feel the Hawks will once again represent The West for The Cup.
Black Hawks in 5

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