Monday, May 12, 2014

Can Islanders Replicate Nets Success?

1) The two franchises are, and probably always will be inexorably linked for multiple reasons. First and foremost they were essentially born together. The Nets from the old ABA, and the Isles an expansion NHL franchise  both got their start in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (when it was new and close to being an up to date venue to see a game). Both were originally owned by the same man, the late Roy Boe. The Nets had a few years head start, but their early ABA success mirrored the quick assent the Islanders had (after 2 awful starting seasons).

2) The Nets were admitted into the NBA and moved to greener pastures in NJ (it is the Garden state, right?) where the team quickly fell into perennial oblivion. Occasional spurts of mediocrity only to regain the cellar. Never achieving the stratosphere they had when they were using the old red, white, blue ball of the ABA. The Islanders had their power house stretch from 1975-1985 when they were perennially Cup contenders.  Winning it all 4 times and making it to the Finals 5 years in a row from 1980-1984. (A record 19 playoff series wins will be hard to eclipse!). Following that they fell back to mediocrity then by the mid 90's, NHL obscurity/laughing stock material. Ownership and management fiascoes (including a con man buying the team for a few weeks- See John Spano)

3) Fast forward to today. Despite the likelihood of being dispatched by the current/future NBA champs in Miami  The Nets are again 'relevant'. Their move to Brooklyn seems to have given them a real identity they hadn't had since their ABA and Dr. J. days of lore. Their new Black jerseys evoke a stronger reaction than their previous bland red, white and blue colours.  The team made a conscious effort to replace their name from  New Jersey to Brooklyn, not NY to delineate themselves from the cross town Knicks. Speaking of which, since the move the rivalry between the two teams has heated up considerably. No longer is NY a one basketball team  town.  The Nets are making significant inroads and carving out their own niche in the NY market

4) The BIG question will be, can the Isles mirror the Nets success in the Barclay CenterIt is important to note that a BIG reason Wang didn't move the franchise out of state is their cable TV deal. It will continue unaffected by the move. Had they gone to let's say KC, they would lost that valuable steady income.  We at Fauxrumors feel the move will be beneficial for Islander fans. Yes, many will have a much longer commute to get to the arena, but additionally, and as importantly, they will undoubtedly grow a new, larger fan base in NY's second largest borough.  The team appears a player or two from really competing, and any level of playoff success we believe will bolster/accelerate their Brooklyn acceptance. The most important thing for Isles fans is that they are staying local, and it should now be able to compete economically and put a competitive product on the ice. For them, this day was LONG over due!  Yes, a team will Grow in Brooklyn!

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