Friday, May 16, 2014

Bylsma AND Shero To be Fired

1) In a stunning turn of events the Pittsburgh penguins are set to announce they have fired BOTH their head coach Dan Bylsma AND their General manager, Ray Shero.  It was widely believed that Bylsma would get the axe but it it a bit of a shock that Shero, the architect of the 2009 Cup winning team would also get the heave-ho. We are hearing from several sources that BOTH will not be unemployed long.  In fact the Washingtom Capitals have both gentlemen on 'speed dial'. ;)  Where ever they land a source tells us, neither will be out of work for more than a week or two!

Update:  Evidently things in Pittsburgh are more dysfunctional than originally thought. Today's bizzaro announcement showed that the franchise is split and not as solid as we previously thought.  While we all thought Bylsma would be canned, Shero was instead the fall guy and Bylsma remains twisting in the wind; his fate to be decided by the yet to be announced new GM.  No where to be found was Mario Lemieux.  The person we are told behind today's strange moves. At the very least 66 could have shown up to explain these very massive changes to the organization he owns.  What is even more nuts is we've been told by a well connected player's agent that the pens retained Bylsma to "spite other teams in need of a coach". Meaning he's not who they want, but they don't want any other teams hiring him either?  Insane, yes!  Stay tuned, things are getting loony tunes in The Steel City

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