Friday, May 16, 2014

Lucic: Douche bag or Sore Loser?

1) Most hockey fans would agree that the post-series handshake is one of the truly amazing moments in the hockey season. Sometimes it’s just as memorable as anything that happened on the ice. It boggles the mind sometimes that players who have competed against each other as though their lives depended upon it for two weeks can line up and extend their hands to each other, but that’s what hockey players do. It’s one of the many things that makes the game unique and wonderful. It’s one of the reasons we watch and love it so much. Which brings us to the reason for this post.  Boston Bruins power forward Milan Lucic's hand shake antics after being defeated by the rival Montreal Canadiens Wednesday night

2) At best it can be said that Milan Lucic disrespected "hockey tradition" with his display of obvious unsportsmanship following his teams ouster at the hands of the hated Montreal Canadiens last night at TD Garden. At worst he was being to total douche bag. To review for those who either didn't see the game or didn't watch the post series hand shakes. Apparently, and confirmed by multiple media outlets (and players themselves)  during the hand shakes when Milan Lucic met up with Dale Weise instead of the obligatory pat on the shoulder, etc.  Lucic went out of his way to tell Weise that he was "going to fucking kill you next year".  Hardly, the sportsman-like gesture we have come to expect even after the most hard fought series we have witnessed over the years. We have NO doubt hat other players have felt like-wise after a series such as this, but none that we can recall have actually been so unabashedly transparent in making his (hard) feelings known to his opponent.

3) To make matters worse after the game in the locker room Lucic instead of conceding that his actions were in poor taste, etc took umbrage at Weise for the audacity of confirming what Lucic had said. Milan, there were dozens of people with microphones and cameras everywhere. Its not like the two of you were in a sound proof booth!  Undoubtedly Lucic was embarrassed that his antics were made public for everyone to witness. Its one thing to have hard feelings and act like an idiot afterwards, but another to be a complete douche.  There is NO place in the NHL for such crap.    Lucic should have known better that, of all places, That was not the venue to start settling scores for everything that happened in the series. You would think a veteran of many NHL seasons that he would be way smarter than that. He’s been playing this game for too long not to know what the post-series handshake means.  In our opinion Lucic should at least be fined for his unsportmanlike behavior. To not say that it could have ignited an ugly incident had Weise reacted like a douche himself. Imagine a brawl AFTER the series is complete. Bettman would have a heart attack with the negative publicity that would bring. Lets hope this is an isolated incident at not a trend of players venting to their opponents. Would be a sad development! 

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