Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deal (NOT) Imminent!

1) WE want to update our readers as to the current state of the CBA negotiations. First and foremost a deal is NOT imminent!  Scores of writers/bloggers have already pencilled in January 19th ads the start of the 2013 season. Some are going over rosters, etc. Again, as we have been saying for weeks now, hold your horses. Things are going as we planned, but NOT ready to pop the cork on the champagne just yet. As we were told, the PA did NOT use the 'disclaimer' weapon last night. However they retain the right to use it and we're told it is in fact MORE likely to be used now than at any time.  Why?  The NHLPA actually has been going through and doing their homework on the NHL 30 page proposal. They have NOT liked many areas they have read. It seems the NHL summery of their proposals doesn't always jive with the 'fine print'.

2) Now, we were all set to do a post about the absolute inaneness of this whole CBA impasse. The discussions of contract length, variance, amnesty buyouts would seem to be all mute. Why? Once the Hockey Related Revenue (HRR) is configured, and how it is divided (50:50) all else means nothing. In fact why owners care how long a contract is (as long as it goes towards the players share, length is meaningless, no?  However, recent information has shown us why the players are now quite annoyed and MORE apt to 'diclaim'. Apparently the NHL has attempted to sneak language that would allow the owners to hide some of the HRR. Additionally, the previously 'agreed upon pension' issues miraculously were changed by the league.  The 'trust' that some writers/bloggers were saying was missing is no where to be found.  It seems that Mr. Fehr is doing his job. Representing the players' interest too well for the owners liking.  Would explain why they have grown to dislike him

3) So what happens now?  The NHLPA will reassemble. Have 'internal meetings'. Vote to give Fehr the power to 'disclaim interest' once again. Apparently this is what works with the NHL, threats.  Its a real threat too. For as we have discussed before, the NHL needs the NHLPA as much as the players do.,  Without it, there is chaos!  The NHLPA will wait to hear back from the NHL.  This may come right up against the NHL's self imposed 1/11/13 deadline, but one thing appears for certain, there will be NO deal before next week.  We will soon know if the NHL wants to get a deal done or wants to eliminate Mr. Fehr.

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